Another Study Finds Link Between Oxytocin and Austism

Another study has demonstrated a clear link between oxytocin and autism.  It was found that giving children a single dose of oxytocin nasal spray activated the areas of the 'social brain' in them.

"Our findings provide the first, critical steps toward devising more effective treatments for the core social deficits in autism, which may involve a combination of clinical interventions with an administration of oxytocin," said study author Ilanit Gordon. "Such a treatment approach will fundamentally improve our understanding of autism and its treatment." The findings are preliminary, however, and the treatment will need more rigorous investigation before it could be recommended for use in the general public.

Studies such as these suggest that oxytocin nasal sprays may not only be used in the future to treat autism, but also other disorders which involve failings in social functioning, such as schizophrenia and, of course, social anxiety.

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