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Lastest research on the love hormone oxytocin reveals that it can affect men and women in different ways. Oxytocin was found to make women more social and frienly, but men more competitive. However, the researchers believe this difference can at least partly be explained by cultural differencecs regarding the expected roles and behaviour of the genders. In both cases oxytocin improves the ability to identify and follow correct social relationships and behaviours, but culture determines that it will be sociability in the case of women, and competitiveness in the case of men.


Although known as the love hormone, it affects the sexes differently and not always in a loving way.

Researchers have discovered that in men it improves the ability to identify competitive relationships, whereas in women it enables the ability to identify friendship.

‘Women tend to be more communal and familial in their behaviour, whereas men are more inclined to be competitive and striving to improve their social status,’ said Professor Simone Shamay-Tsoory, lead researcher at the University of Haifa in Israel.