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Oxytocin Nasal Spray is the hormone oxytocin delivered in the form of a nasal spray. Oxytocin has gained widespread interest and fame in the last few years because of its increasingly scientific demonstrated role in the social behaviour of humans, from mothers bonding with their children, to gamblers willing to take risks or to trust others. Oxytocin nasal spray is the most common form of delivery because it is the only way so far found to overcome the blood brain barrier - important in administering oxytocin, because otherwise the hormone is quickly dissipitated in the blood stream before it has a chance to reach the brain.

A small clinical study performed by researchers in Sweden has given hope that oxytocin nasal spray may have benefits for sufferers of mental illness, and in particular patients who have difficulty understanding and reacting appropriately to social signals, including patients with autism.

Now, Scandinavian scientists have produced new data from a small clinical trial showing that low doses of oxytocin delivered as a nasal spray might benefit patients with mental and cognitive problems.

Researchers from the University of Oslo in Norway teamed up with Yardley, Pa.-based OptiNose to test the company’s investigational device designed to improve medicine delivery to the brain via the nose. The advantage of nasal drug delivery is that the effects can be felt more immediately than medication in an oral form. Nasal delivery is also used as a noninvasive alternative for some drugs that were traditionally administered intravenously. OptiNose claims that its technology delivers oxytocin to the upper part of the nose, which is thought to be a better target to get drugs to the brain.

The trial enrolled 16 healthy adult volunteers and evaluated two different doses of oxytocin and their effect on how social signals are perceived. Each of the men underwent four, single-dose treatments: a placebo, a low dose of oxytocin, a high dose of oxytocin and an intravenous dose of oxytocin. The intravenous dose was used to compare the effects of oxytocin in circulating blood. After each dose, participants were then presented with 20 male and 20 female faces displaying angry, happy and emotionally ambiguous expressions and were asked to identify how angry or happy the people seemed.


The role that oxytocin plays in the reproductive lives of women has long been known, but research is also showing that it influences male sexuality as well. Amazingly, the hormone when taken as a nasal spray appears to boost sex drive in men, leading to speculation that oxytocin spray could become the new viagra!

In fact, in men, the effects of oxytocin go a bit further than women. In addition to all the “cuddle” effects, a case report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows it boosts men’s sexual performance too.

It describes a married man with three children with social anxiety disorder (excessive shyness) who was given oxytocin as a twice daily spray into his nose.

It didn’t do much for his shyness but had a Viagra-like action on his love life, both his desire for sex and his performance during it. He admitted he felt closer to his wife and even went as far as hugging a colleague, a gesture very out of character.

Yes, it’s only one case but the findings aren’t surprising given the way it seems to stimulate so many different aspects of sex.

There are rafts of research showing oxytocin levels are sky-high during arousal, masturbation and orgasm.

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